World class technology that drives results

We provide sophisticated and intelligent advertising solutions via our powerful network and technology, to exceed your advertising objectives

With our technology we are able to offer creative and dynamic tools, including; Search, Content, In-Text, On-site & In-app Search, Display & Video Advertising. We gather unique and first party keyword data that is not available anywhere else. Seriously.

Our technology is constantly evolving to deliver and strategic solution for advertisers that converts, helping our publishers find the right balance between a great user experience and monetisation. Our traffic is evaluated, audited and matched to all available sources of delivery based on proven optimisation parameters.


Set up for XML feeds or JavaScript for full customisation to your site design

Placement into any search, contextual ad space

Daily monitoring with optimised parameters for feeds

Optimisation algorithms designed to maximise revenue from all quality

Detailed information in fully customisable reporting formats to act in real-time


Customisable interface for publishers

Detailed market by market reporting

Reporting per domain(s) per day per market

45 upstream search feed APIs. Publishers have the ability to create feeds in ANY market and map up to 45 different search feeds

Click fraud protection through our technology added to all feeds to monitor traffic quality

Using our first party data we are able to capture an audience in a specific vertical that show intent for a product and then target them across our publisher network with our customised ad solutions.

Committed to performance and brand safety, we enforce the highest quality, relevant and targeted products that will protect and enhance your business online.

We have a blacklist set up within our ad servers. The list becomes more comprehensive everyday with over 100,00 sites currently. Blacklists can be applied at a publisher, advertiser and campaign level

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