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Tech is in our DNA. Since 2015, Questa has been using its technology to support Australians in need by ensuring our technology is sustainable, understandable and easy to use. Questa believes that technology should be used in a way that improves lives.


Evan Balafas has played a crucial role in the success of a number of digital startups throughout his career as an entrepreneur, Excite Digital Media, is no exception. Launched in 2007, Excite has been a proven leader in search-targeted marketing in Australia, leaving all competitors behind, and was named one of “Australia’s Fastest Growing Companies” in 2009 by the prestigious Business Review Weekly’s Fast Starters annual issue.He first sprang to prominence by introducing one of the very first pay-per-click advertising campaigns ever seen, during his time at web directory LookSmart.

His vision guided him through the early years of Internet marketing in March 2001 and was further illustrated during his days as Business Development Manager at Sensis. With a budget of $60 million, Evan helped Sensis to launch a fully dedicated search engine devoted to the Australian market.And now leading Questa, a technology company specialising in search engine technology.

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