We are an Aussie tech company
that create safe & private search
browsing experiences

These experiences span across devices and matched with world-class monetisation

We are one of the largest independent owners of customised desktop & mobile browsers
across all platforms

We’ve built not only the technology but the whole overall experience that goes with it. We also create browser extensions with built in search engines which are being used by thousands of people. Click below to find out how we are able to monetise our products

Our desktop extensions & mobile browsers are able to be downloaded across all major devices

including MAC, PC and mobile devices such as Andoird and iOS. We love building technology that allows people to access content directly within our downloadable products, such as:

Custom Search Engines with a focus on unique content

In built searchability

Everyday Tools like:

PDF Converters, MS Office Tools, Clocks, Quicklinks…

Content Specific Extensions

Extensions that revolve around travel, automotive or even shopping!

Machine learning & AI are  built into the technology of our products

All our products both desktop and mobile have machine learning capabilities built into the platform. Our Artificial intelligence platform allows us to optimise and customise the content that is being delivered to the extension that has been downloaded but also smartly predict the relevant content to the user. Machine learning is at the fore-front of what we do with all our downloadable products.

We have built the following machine learning features into all our extensions and browser:

Unique API driven Search engine content that is provided by Google and/or BING
API content from the worlds leading travel brands with up to date travel updates from the worlds biggest hotels and flight providers
Language detection and linguistic processing powered by machine learning

Our mobile and desktop browsers allow users to conduct online and mobile searches within a safe and secure environment

With our products, we ensure that we create a safe environment for our users. Therefore with over hundreds of thousand of users we are able to garner an extensive inventory of search traffic to suit your industry and audience. We have built a solid network that has the ability to reach new & targeted audiences.